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About A.A. Depot

Complete Allergy Solutions to Elevate Your Practice.

Allergy & Applicator Depot works with your practice to provide a turnkey allergy testing and immunotherapy solution that will have a powerful impact on both the lives of your patients and the growth of your practice.

Register as a member to get expert advice, access to our entire catalog, and financial reports showing your projected return on investment. Membership also includes virtual training, marketing materials to provide your patients, and ancillary tools and access to immunotherapy solutions.

Our turnkey allergy testing solutions offer you:​

  • CLIA-free skin tests; no complex lab equipment or needles

  • Results develop in just 15 minutes

  • Easy-to-follow procedures​

  • Covered by all major insurance carriers and Medicare

    • Bill CPT 95004 (per allergen) or offer cash-pay​

  • Excellent ROI

  • Non-specialty specific - nearly all medical practices can offer allergy testing

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What treatments do we offer?

We strive to provide the best products and services for allergy diagnostics and management of allergic disease. 

It's usually not enough just to test for allergies; the largest benefit to the patient comes when the provider can offer effective treatment. Our testing kits and extracts open the door to results-based treatment options, such as immunotherapy, which can put patient allergies into remission. Like skin testing, immunotherapy is a great way to generate more revenue for the practice while providing a much needed service to patients.​

Allergy & Applicator Depot can supply appropriate options to each/every patient in your practice with treatment options such as:​​

  • SCIT - Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Treatment (CPT code 95165, per unit)

  • SLIT - Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (Patient Pay at cost effective pricing)

What testing options do we offer?

Our starter kits include all of the supplies needed to get an allergy program up and running, as well as expert implementation and consulting services.

Allergy & Applicator Depot offers a full spectrum of allergy kits and allergy testing extracts, including:

  • Environmental

  • Food

  • Pediatric

  • Animals

  • Insects

  • Molds

  • Quick screen panels

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