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SLIT & SCIT Treatments

Ordering Immunotherapy is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Fill out a prescription template

SCIT: Subcutaneous Immunotherapy

Using injections of allergen extracts, targets the underlying immunological mechanism to modify the allergic disease and provide long-term relief.


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SLIT: Sublingual Immunotherapy

An optimal way to treat allergies. In most patients, drops provide the same benefits of SCIT without relying on injections to administer treatment. 


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Some helpful tips:

  • After pressing the download button, check you downloads folder for the form.

  • Don't forget to sign it.

  • Double check you are sending it to the proper HIPAA compliant fax number.

  • In compliance with HIPAA regulations, we do not digitally save you or your patients identifying information

Step 1

Step 2

Fax the prescription

For SCIT Treatments, fax the prescription to: (800) 309-7905

For SLIT Treatments, fax the prescription to: (877) 357-1570

First Time?

Please complete our SCIT Registration form.

Submitted faxes are stored in a HIPAA Compliant platform following current industry standards.

​You can send prescriptions via traditional fax or via a virtual fax service such as:

  • eFax

  • Concord Cloud Fax

  • SRFax

Step 2

Step 3

Pay for the prescription

A product with a unique price will be generated and automatically added to your cart upon printing your prescription.


Fax your prescription to the number listed on the form then simply go through the checkout process to pay.


Note: Prescriptions will be filled upon receipt of fax and payment.

Step 3
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